blood and wine bar

**This was supposed to be posted back in January and I forgot about this little blog post. However this is still relevant as the Blood and Wine bar is still going strong – it’ll be running every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 5pm onwards until March 30th**

I genuinely had every intention of taking January easy, letting my bank balance/soul recover from Xmas 2016. Like the rest of my ‘new year, new me’ resolutions, that lasted less than a week but I’m so glad my self enforced alcohol-free zone was shattered BECAUSE Game of Thrones!!

Found in the depths of Daylight Robbery, I loved that is was hidden away where you had to walk downstairs into this completely separate vibe than the space upstairs. The exposed walls made you feel like you were in a medieval tavern and the first ten minutes of any visit there would be pointing out the little details Pop up Geeks had spread around the place to make your experience to Westeros as ‘authentic’ as possible.

NB: It would definitely be in Stark Territory as their banners and swords were mounted on the walls.. I know The Knights Vault from the Grassmarket had provided the swords for the bar which was a really cool example of Edinburgh business working together.

There were wanted posters for Tyrion Lannister, (faux) fur rugs, Game of Thrones episodes playing in the background and the menu comprised of drinks mentioned in the books with some additional themed foodie bits such as Frey Pies. Literally the Game of Throne nerd dream.

If I were to go again I would have the Wines of Westeros Flight but at the time to keep me feeling festive, we went with an Old Bears Hot Spiced Wine. Other drinks on the menu included Arbor Gold, Dornish Sour Red or the Proper Northern Drink and they do have GOT themed cocktail drinks if you’re so inclined.

My main thoughts on the bar was:

A.)  Game of Thrones is cool as fuck – I should go and finally finish the show.

B.) The crowd was three deep to the bar when we arrived and there wasn’t much space to sit & it was slightly too expensive for my liking.

C.) Point A cancels out point B. I will still say go if you’re a Game of Thrones fan. It was so fun trying to compete with my companion about trivia, whispering ‘winter is coming’ in deep northern accents and being surrounded by people that were on the GOT hype and were buzzing that drinking and their favourite show went so well.

I’m definitely glad I went. When I did a bit of googling, Pop up Geeks have said they are hopefully going to bringing a Walking Dead and Stranger Things version which I feel will be huge crowd favorites.

I also hopefully will go back to Daylight Robbery to check out what it’s like without the threat of dragons & red weddings

You should visit this if: you like dragons, ales and George R R Martin

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