secret vodka bar – the short review.

With Gin all the rage these days, the other spirits seem to be left out in the metaphorical cold. The only time I would drink vodka out of choice was in my Uni days (sob so long ago) and if I’m in da club because it’s almost tradition. I’m not saying the Secret Vodka Arcade has awakened some deep love for vodka that I repressed but it was good fun, relaxed and just a bit different.

From the name I always thought it was going to be a bit more of a gamer themed bar complete with machines and what not.  Unfortunately that’s not what it’s like. Hidden up an alleyway connecting the top of Cockburn Street and The Royal Mile (aka the ‘secret’ bit), it’s a fairly open space with views down the street which makes it ideal for people watching.


When I visited, it was midweek and fairly quiet. I found it actually quite relaxing, the music wasn’t overly loud (they play the top 40) and I realised it was the first time in a while that I’d gone into a bar and not had to shout over the noise.

So it wasn’t full of vodka memorabilia but obviously it got its name from the menu being just vodka. If you’re a vodka person, you’ve got a double sided menu to take your pick from of your finest potato based spirit.. My housemate and I just tried a couple of different flavours from the cheaper side (I think we paid around £3.00ish)  but if you fancied being a #baller they do also have some of the bigger name/more expensive.


This menu should definitely come with the ‘Drink Responsibly’ caveat

I would go back if I fancied a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere where I could actually hear myself think but I can’t say that I’ve been swayed over to the vodka side of life just yet.

Go here if you like: Vodka and a relaxed atmosphere.

Near by here: The Devil’s Advocate and any bar of your choice along the Royal Mile.

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