current go-to edinburgh bars.

With this blog being all sparkly and new, I thought a good intro would be to make a list of my current top three favourite haunts in Edinburgh – how very buzzfeed of me.

This claim comes with caveats – these are the bars I’ve loved spending time in recently and are good hosts for your evening (or daytime, no judgement here) beverage. Obviously the bar folk and dwellers of Edinburgh could have completely different opinions but these are the places that I am always up for a visit to, whatever the occasion.

So here we go:

1. Paradise Palms – 41 Lothian Street – you can find them at @edinburghpalms for twitter and instagram. 

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My new favourite place. #paradisepalms #edinburgh #ginoclock

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Well this one was bloody obvious, I typed this on autopilot. My go to response when someone asks for ‘where should we take so & so is ALWAYS Paradise Palms. With good reason.



If I had to put my finger on why I like this place so much, it’s because it’s a hideout from the outside world. It’s a neon Miami vibe refuge but the added decorative touches seems to have been done by an eccentric old aunt but I completely dig it. My favourite drink here is Tommy’s Margarita but they also do a great vegan White Russian.

Plus sitting outside Paradise Palms is the closest thing to being in Barcelona when you’re actually in dreich Edinburgh


2. Barrelhouse bar– 35 Smokey Brae – seem to be missing out on the social media!

The Barrelhouse Bar and Grill. Pic restaurant Facebook page.

Photo credit: their Facebook page found here.

This bar is definitely off the beaten track – yes, you can still find good bars past London Road. The western themed bar is in the same family as the popular tiki bar 52 canoes meaning quirky style and snazzy drinks all round. bh

You’ll find me in the delightful beer garden , surrounded by the Henderick’s memorabilia (obsessed) playing uno and making the most of last of the summer sun. If you’re in the area and fancy a post Arthur’s seat trip drink – this is ideal and worth a stop.

3. Mousetrap – 180 Leith Walk – @themousetrapedinburgh

All you need to know is yes, this is based on the game & not the long running West End play. (side note – I would also be v into a Agatha Christie inspired bar)

mousetrapI’ve flipped this image – this is actually the roof!

It’s a super visual bar complete with a cool retro arcade area plus regular live music. Full transparency – I’ve never had a cocktail there but I am more than happy with my g&t. This bar has ALL of the coolest throw backs to your childhood games and I’m not going to list them here cause I’m not spoiling the fun!

Sitting here, I sat get all the family board game flashback vibes except it’s now 15 years later and there is no arguing about whose cheating during game play (guilty)

**Honourable mention here goes to the Doghouse which is the sister bar to Mousetrap for their butter beer & the bulldog Hero that resides there. I heart dugs.

So clearly I have a ~type~: I like fun colourful bars with quriky, unique designs and boozy menus. This places also definitely wouldn’t have been on my list if the bar staff in all of the above hadn’t been helpful & welcoming in the first place

So let me know your thoughts – hmu with your fave ones. Maybe I’ll change my mind?

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