Three New (ish) Bars in Edinburgh’

The working title for this post was ‘Places I want to try cause I’m a sucker for a new concept’.  Articulate, it might not be but pretty darn accurate. I could also have gone with ‘Places I didn’t go to during winter because I was hibernating but I should have‘  I don’t think either of these were particularly catchy or SEO friendly so went with ‘Three New Bars in Edinburgh

 I find during the bleak midwinter my desire to try new places diminishes slightly. It’s far too cold/risky to venture out into unknown territories, I need the comfort that comes with going to tried and trusted places. So now the sun has finally stopped setting at 4pm, I’ll be branching out at the very least to these three places.


74-78 South Clerk St /@diabloloco_edin

Diablo Loco 

 Trying Mexican food is never going to be on the top of my to-food list as I personally cannot cope with anything seasoned with more than pepper.  HOWEVER I bloody love a Margarita so anywhere that describes itself as ‘tequila soaked & mescal dripping’, I’m always going to intrigued by.

Half of Instagram seems to have visited if you go by how many ‘Soup of the day – Tequila’ neon pictures I’ve seen knocking about. Also worth knowing is that if you sign up to their mailing list you get 30% off your next food and drinks bill.


208 Cowgate / @carnivore_edi


Next up we have Carnivore which is the newest out of the bunch. So new, it hasn’t in fact opened yet.

Vegans avert your eyes, I have a feeling this won’t be for you. Ironically found in the Cowgate, they’re promising the dream team of fuss free Meat & Bourbon from April onwards with no set opening date as of yet. If that winning combo didn’t entice you enough, I’ve just seen on their instagram that they’re going to be 🐶 friendly & I’m enjoying their behind the scenes photos so recommend giving their social media a follow ready for them to announce their opening.

2. KIN
1 Barony Street / @kin_edinburgh

One of my favourite thing about learning more Kin so far is their focus on hospitality – their whole ethos is ‘arrive as friends, leave as family’ and I’m all for it.

The guys behind this also won ‘best cocktail of the night’ with their special Beards + Blazers bottled drink at Cocktails in the City . Considering COITC is crammed full of Edinburgh’s many talented cocktail creators, it’s no mean feat. They’ve also worked in all the great haunts around the city so my takeaway from this is that they know their shit. 

So there we have it three new-ish venues that have graced Edinburgh with their presence/are due to grace Edinburgh with their presence. I’ll be back with my thoughts shortly once I’ve visited shortly so keep your eyes on the ol insta @edinburghbars Let me know if you’ve been? 


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