What to expect from Edinburgh Cocktail Week?

Fun fact – this is number two in my series of Edinburgh Cocktail Week – the first of which you can find here. This also seems to be number two in my ‘this isn’t a very SEO friendly title but ah well series..’ There will probably be a lot more of those. The working title for this was ‘reasons to go to Edinburgh Cocktail Week that don’t include bar hopping which is even less catchy.

If you don’t want to read my initial post, I can pretty much cover it all in the next sentence – from today onwards until Sunday, It’s Edinburgh Cocktail Week. What’s that you might ask? It’s a festival of sort where your favourite mixology artisans of Edinburgh’s various different secretive speakeasies or party pubs create signature cocktails for the event which you can purchase if you hold a magical wristband. A full list of participating venues can be found  .

That’s not all – ahead of you is a week long programme of the bars and brands combining to give you a jolly good time.


Cocktail Village

Your Edinburgh Cocktail Week experience will start on Lothian Road where you can pick up your wristbands but you might want to stick around. The big guns have been called in with pop up bars galore from the likes of industry giants Grey Goose Vodka , Johnny Walker, Edinburgh Gin and  some more familiar faces such as Pop Up Geeks (The team behind your beloved Harry Potter, LOTR & Rick and Morty bars) and Selkie Gin.


Absolut Vodka will be starting the celebrations with £4 pornstar martinis over at 4042 on Monday .Sounds good? Well not to be beaten, Tonic and Altos Tequila have also teamed up to host a sleepover themed part with three signature ‘agave dream’ cocktails on Thursday. For both of these events entry is on a first come first serve basis but free with your wristbands. Not a party but definitely worth an honourable mention is the Chivas Escape Room on Tuesday.  – it’s not the typical escape room experience as you’re guided through a flavour labyrinth collecting whisky on the way..



Fancy going on a liquid journey with Darnley’s gin? Meeting your boilermaker with Jameson Whiskey & Barney’s Beer? Learning the secrets of blending Whisky with Wemyss Malts?  You are literally spoilt for choice here and to want for any more would be in fact greedy. Ambassadors of some of Scottish prominent brands will be taking you through the unwritten guides and the behind the scenes so you can test your skills and learn something new.




The Sweetdram team behind your favourite NOT a gin faux-spirit Escubac are opening their doors to the public for the first time to introduce the wider world to their lair where they make ‘progressive, flavour driven spirits’. They’re encouraging folk to drink differently and I am into it.



Brewhemia & Pickering’s have gone all in with this collaboration. There is something different every day of the week from High P & T afternoon tea (Pickering’s & Tonic, duh) to Gin masterclass featuring Pickering’s new Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Liquor all hosted by your friendly neighbourhood beer palace.

I’m off to pick up my wristband tonight so you can follow what I get up to on instagram @edinburghbars. You can also read last years’ ‘fictional night out’ here for some more suggestions! Don’t forget you can purchase your wristband here.

Disclosure: Photography credit goes to Edinburgh Cocktail Week. I have been invited to ECW but views and opinions are my own and completely independent. 

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