Your new weekend plans – Edinburgh Craft Beer Experience.

I am by no means a craft beer expert. I would go as far to say I am the complete opposite of a craft beer expert. But that doesn’t matter according to the Edinburgh Craft Beer experience. They’re calling all ‘larger lovers, IPA aficionados, porter experts and craft connoissuers’ to take over the Assembly Roxy with the help of twenty breweries and yourself. How it works is that you get choose your ‘session’ i.e Saturday pm or evening, buy your ticket which includes access to the drinking halls, demonstrations and masterclasses and  you obviously get to sample some great beer!

Here’s why I’m in to the idea in the form of an old fashioneed, buzzfeed-esque list for your easy viewing pleasure.

1. Supporting Local

Pictures from PilotBarney’s

Scotland does beer well.  The main reason myself and all the other foodies and drinky bloggers/instagrammers bang on about the Edinburgh food and drink scene continuously is because it’s rather bloody good. Edinburgh/Scottish folk are thoroughly spoilt by the options of smaller independent breweries that are extremely talented – there are 12 scottish breweries at the event ranging from right here in the burgh or Leith , the boarders, Glasgow and beyond.

2. Not supporting local.

This isn’t a Scottish only affair – I’m super excited that one of the breweries from further afield is Tiny Rebel whose home base is like twenty minutes away from my parent’s house in Wales. They even have a beer called ‘cwtch’ for 110% welshness. Not to be left out there are also breweries from Belgium, Germany and England which are the ones I’m most excited to try.


3. Creativity in Craft Beers

Craft beer has undergone a revolution within the last decade and if traditional beer doesn’t appeal to you, don’t think this won’t be for you. Within the last couple of weeks  I’ve undergone a wee taste exploration into the craft beer world – tried Summerhall Resident’s Barney’s ‘Marshmallow Milk Stout’ which was the dessert tasting beer that I never realised I needed – tried Leith’s Pilot (whose twitter  account make me laugh daily) have a beer ‘Ultraviolet’ tastes like parma violet!. Similarly their Basil Grande Sour was a shock to the system after previously thinking a sour was a shot.


4. Eating & Drinking is fun

Just looking at the menu and it’s the winter-iest cozy menu I’ve seen in a LONG time – with plenty of vegan/veggie options btw if you are that way inclined. Plus if I’ve not sold you with the whole beer drinking malarky – they have teamed up with Hickory to chuck together some cocktails with Edinburgh Gin, Heroes vodka, Isle of Skye whisky and Thistly Cross cider. 


The Edinburgh events scene seem to have been dominated by cocktail events recently so it’s almost refreshing (no pun intended) for a beer one to come along! As I mentioned before I am a beer noob but if you fancy following some people on instagram who know their stuff, I recommend Hair of the jog, Hops n Helles , Scotbeertours 

Let me know where you end up going on twitter @Edinbarblog or see what I’m up to on Instastories on Edinburghbars

**I was invited to the press preview for this event – All thoughts and opinions are my own**

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