Where to find non alcoholic cocktails in Edinburgh?

As I write this it’s the 29th of January.  According to my countdown app, this means I have 1 day and 7 hours left of the fabled Dry January.

Dry January, you say? Why on earth are you doing that? Aren’t you a so called ‘bar blogger”. Don’t you know that January is a quiet time for bars and restaurants alike and if you’re so keen on supporting local, they need your support now especially.

All fair questions, I’ll admit. But like most people, December left me partied out and poor so it became a (not completely unwanted) necessity.

However as shocked as I am to say this –  I’ve actually enjoyed dry January. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and saving my pennies. Similarly, it’s been enlightening how quickly the units normally pile up during the week. Pub quiz? I’ll have a half pint. Round a friend’s for a catch up – half a bottle of wine (probs more).

Now I’m not going tee-total on you all and advocating for the temperance movement because that’s not what I’m about. What I am about is the bars and events of Edinburgh so for those not inclined to drink or having low alcohol months, I’ve got your backs.  Here’s three options of drinking less if you’re so inclined!


1. Non-alcoholic Cocktails

website/ twitter/instagram

If you do any sort of googling of top Edinburgh cocktail bars, Bramble will always come close to, if not top of the list.


2. Low Alcohol Drinks

website /instagram /twitter

Ahh.. Everyone’s favourite bar-bershop (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Panda & Sons
(79 Queen Street) is also on the seedlip hype with a no booze/low booze option.

3. Drink your normal cocktail.. just without alcohol.

website / instagram / twitter

Mind-blowing stuff I’m coming out with here on Edin-bar today but honestly most bars are happy/knowledgeable enough to make up your favourite cocktails just with an alternative to alcohol. Like a Bloody Mary, make it a virgin Bloody Mary at the Printing Press (21-25 George Street). Similarly, the Last Word Saloon in Stockbridge made me a tasty Bramble the other day which almost made up for not having a breakeven bottle glass of whisky.

So there we have it – whether you did dry January, veganuary, tryanuary or sweet nothing January, I hope it was a good’un and set you up right for 2019.

Let me know where you end up going on twitter @Edinbarblog or see what I’m up to on Instastories on Edinburghbars




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